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  • contract lawyer melbourne

    Repercussions of Not Having a Formal Written Contract, Lessons from Guy Sebastian

    Repercussions of Not Having a Formal Written Contract – Lessons from Guy Sebastian The value of having a formal written contract outlining the terms and conditions of a deal can best be seen in Guy Sebastian’s case, which is currently attracting much media attention. Guy Sebastian has stated that his former Manager, Titus Day, drafted…

  • Intellectual property review

    Business interruption insurance: How to make your business thrive in challenging times.

    What is business interruption insurance? Small business success in Victoria is about managing the eb and flow of business where a company survives in the challenging times and thrives in the robust times. Even businesses with baseline continuity will face challenges resulting in a drop in income and sustainability. COVID-19 for many small businesses has…

  • Employment lawyers review of employment dispute

    Was your business interruption insurance denied? Discuss your claim now.

    COVID-19 Melbourne Business Guide: Interruption Insurance Rejected 2020 has been tough on nearly every business in Melbourne due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus has been responsible for job loss and businesses that either closed their doors permanently or were forced to close temporarily due to the government’s response. The question that quickly flooded businesses…

  • 5 benefits of using an employment lawyer as an employee

    On the search for a new employee? Here are our top 5 benefits of using an employment lawyer as an employee.

    When a person is hired by an employer it is often assumed that the employer has an equal interest between the employer and employee regarding contractual work agreements, protection and employment laws.

  • A group of three people reviewing a commercial contract

    How secure is your business really? Here are 5 Clever Ways a Commercial Lawyer Can Protect Your Business.

    According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics there were more than 2.8 million trading businesses in June 2018, which is up 3.4% from the same time in 2017. There was also an increase of 15.8% of new businesses, up about .9% from the previous year.

  • 5-benefits-using-employment-lawyer-employer

    An expert in employment—or an expert employer? Here are our top 5 benefits of using an employment lawyer as an employer.

    Employment lawyers are important to help manage conflicts between an employee and their employer. This may also include the relationship between an employer and contractors whom an employer has an agreement, contract, or obligation.

  • privacy rights for residential tenants

    Privacy Rights for Residential Tenants

    Quiet Enjoyment Under the 1997 Residential Tenancies Act, residential tenants have the right to the ‘quiet enjoyment’ of the rental property at which they currently reside. Under the Act, people acting on behalf of tenants, such as agents, landlords, or certain tradespeople or contractors, have a right to enter the property under certain circumstances. If…

  • contract lawyer melbourne

    Guarantor’s Obligations and Rights

    What Is A Guarantor? A guarantor is a party to a transaction or credit agreement who voluntarily takes responsibility for ensuring the payment of another party’s debts in the event that they fail to meet their obligations to the vendor. What Constitutes A Guarantee? For legal intents and purposes a guarantee refers to a written…

  • writing business contract

    Writing a Business Contract

    Business contracts form the basis for the legal relations between business parties, companies, and clients. A contract is a legally binding document which sets out the terms of an agreement and details the products, services, or other payment to be exchanged under the agreement. They also establish a timeframe for any associated dealings and contain…