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About Us

Our team of commercial lawyers here in Melbourne have the experience and expertise to serve a variety of private, public, and commercial clients with the most important aspects of commercial law.


We take pride in understanding our clients: here’s what you can expect from LGM Advisors.

Trusted legal advice.

An experienced and thoroughly professional firm, we offer trusted legal advice, assistance, and representation to business clients of all sizes and industries.

With many years of experience relating to contract law, employment law, intellectual property and dispute resolution, we have developed the ability to create efficient and individually tailored legal solutions for the best possible outcome for our clients.

No legal jargon.

We understand that the law can be confusing. For this reason, all our documents, correspondence, and interactions are delivered in clear and efficient language that is free from legal jargon.

Our clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a clear understanding of the legal process they are engaged in and the outcome that we are seeking to achieve.

Your time is important.

We value your time and our team of commercial lawyers are always responsive and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome in your matter.

We’re driven by success.

Our firm has successfully assisted companies listed on the ASX and we have been involved in successful settlements of several multi-million dollar cases in the Commonwealth and State jurisdictions.

Our employment lawyers achieved many successful results in a variety of legal settings, including significant settlements made in the Supreme Court of Victoria as well as in the Fair Work Commission.

We assist clients of all sizes and industries with complex legal matters.

It is not just large businesses that we assist. Our business lawyers have worked with small and medium sized businesses. We have also been involved in more private matters, such as multi-million dollar estate litigation in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

What does success mean for us?

For us, a successful case is one which results in an optimal outcome for our client, whether that optimal outcome is personal, commercial, or other.