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Land Acquisitions

Land Acquisitions Lawyer – Melbourne

The Land Acquisition and Compensation Act 1986 gives government agencies and departments the right to acquire land for public purposes. Under the Act, the state is required to compensate landowners whose land is acquired through compulsory acquisitions.

Projects such as the construction of new railways, roads, parks, reservoirs, drainage reserves, and sewerage works are examples of circumstances which would allow state departments to acquire private land. Often, opinions conflict relating to the value of acquired land and the way in which the land is to be acquired. Valuers are required to consider relevant judicial precedents when selecting a valuation methodology, theory, and rationale. Concerns also arise over the detrimental impact proposed works can have on the value of private property.

The Land Acquisition and Compensation Act 1986 and/or the Planning and Environment Act 1987 contain guidelines for calculating compensation for land acquisitions in Victoria, and it is these guidelines that state departments refer to when performing valuations.

It can be stressful and emotional having your land acquired as a result of compulsory acquisition, as many landowners are not aware of the laws surrounding the issue. LGM Advisors’ Victorian land acquisition lawyers stand ready to guide you through the acquisition process, and to help you secure full compensation for the acquisition of your land or property. We are able to assist you in determining the value of your property, including in regards to relocation costs, damage to business or work, loss of potential, as well as other intangible disadvantages that are often suffered as a result of a land acquisition.

For offers of amounts of compensation which are more than $5000, you will be able to obtain an advance of compensation from the acquiring authority.

Have you received a Notice of Acquisition? If so, the acquiring authority is required to make an offer for compensation within 14 days of issuing the Notice of Acquisition. Such an offer is usually provided in conjunction with a certificate of valuation. It is vital that you, as the landowner, obtain an independent valuation and appropriate advice to determine whether or not you have been offered a fair amount. If you have been made an offer for compensation, or have received a Notice of Acquisition, contact LGM Advisors Victorian land acquisitions lawyer today on +61 3 9832 0608 or by email at, so we can assist you during this stressful time, and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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