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Melbourne’s growing diversity and changing business environment calls for a commercial lawyer service that is expertly, yet comprehensive and flexible. Our team of commercial lawyers here in Melbourne have the experience and expertise to serve a variety of private, public, and commercial clients with the most important functional aspects of commercial law. LGM Advisors are the Commercial lawyers to contract when you need a contract lawyer, dispute resolution lawyer, intellectual property lawyer and an employment lawyer.

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dispute Resolution Agreement

Dispute ResolutionWe are here to also handle your litigation claims.

Dispute resolution services can range from alternative dispute resolution to litigation. Alternative dispute resolution is working through mediation and arbitration services to attempt a compromise between disagreeing parties. It is recommended, and often required by the Australian judicial court to seek alternative dispute resolution prior to litigation. However, not all claims can be handled through Alternative Dispute Resolution and we are here to also handle your litigation claims.
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CONTRACT Agreement Fair

Contract LawyerWe can help you.

Contracts are sensitive and complex binding agreements by multiple parties. Whether you are looking for writing, evaluation, or explanation of a contract, or are looking for legal expertise pertaining to breach of contract we can help.
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property law

Intellectual Property LawyerProtect your industrial property.

Intellectual property law is the protection for creations of the mind. The law can protect your industrial property (invention patents, trademarks, and brands), or copyright (literary work, art, design, photographs, etc.).
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Employment law

Employment LawyerDeals with workplace issues.

Employment law deals with workplace issues such as wages, termination, and discrimination. The law is in place to protect workers, and ensure they are being treated fairly by employers.
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LGM Advisors is an experienced team of lawyers who are here to help you determine if there has been a violation of your legal rights, and offer an initial telephone consultation, free of charge, to determine if we are able to assist you with your matter.

LGM Advisors Lawyers Melbourne

LGM Advisors is a Melbourne-based law firm with over 15 years of experience. We work with small, and medium sized businesses, as well as multi-national companies, and have experience with ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) listed companies.We have a long-standing record of success in a variety of areas. While not comprehensive, below are some of our recent achievements, and an example of what our team can do for you:

Success in a multi-million-dollar litigation in the supreme court and high court Australia,

Successful outcomes with employment related disputes, as well as significant settlement payouts in the supreme court.

Multi-million-dollar will-disputes in the supreme court.

While we handle many types of cases our areas of expertise are:

Dispute Resolution

In some circumstances, a court may order that you attempt alternative dispute resolution before it will hear your case. It is recommended that individuals attempt dispute resolution before commencing litigation, as this saves time and money for all concerned. The dispute resolution process can begin with simple negotiations between parties, perhaps with the assistance of legal advisors. If this is unsuccessful, mediation or conciliation may be attempted as a means of forging a compromise between the disputing parties. This involves having a dispute heard by an independent third party (the mediator) who is nationally accredited and trained to assist the parties in steering towards a mutually satisfactory resolution. Should this fail, arbitration may be preferable to litigation. Arbitration involves having a dispute heard by an independent third party (the arbitrator), which can be appointed by the disputing parties, who will create a binding resolution and hand this down to the parties, who are to accept it as final. Having access to premium legal advice and services is of great use during the dispute resolution process, as this will ensure that you are well aware of your rights as well as the possible outcomes of the dispute resolution process going in to it. Not all disputes are able to be solved through dispute resolution, however. In this case, our premium litigation services ensure that your dispute will be settled once and for all.

Contract Lawyer

Contracts are a vital but complex part of Australia’s legal system. Individuals and businesses enter contracts every day, some complicated and some simple. When it comes to enforcing a contract, it is important to have a contract which is written in clear terms, and which contains measures to minimise the risk of a dispute arising later. Our contract drafting and review services ensure that your document will stand the test of time and serve through to completion. Our expert contract lawyers are also able to advise you of your rights, or represent you, in the case of a contract breach or other contractual issue.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Also known as IP, intellectual property law refers to those laws which govern the management and protection of things created through the application of the human mind. Intellectual property can be legally owned and commercialized, so ensuring that your IP assets are adequately managed and protected is incredibly important, especially in today’s highly competitive and globalized markets. IP laws exist to protect your industrial property, such as patents for inventions, or trademarks (which are often a business’s most valuable marketing tool), as well as copyright for art, designs, photographs, literary works etc. Our expert intellectual property lawyers are able to assist you in applying for or managing your trademark or patent protections (copyright protection is free and automatically applies to eligible material). We also stand ready to assist you in enforcing those rights should a dispute occur.

Employment Lawyer

Australia’s employment laws are broad, and offer comprehensive protection for workers and employers alike. Victoria has delegated its employment law responsibilities to the federal government, so almost all Victorian employees (both public and private sector) are covered by the extensive protections outlined in the Commonwealth Fair Work Act 2009 and other important legislation. As these laws are complicated and lengthy, it can be difficult to determine whether or not your legal rights have been infringed. Our employment law experts are able to advise you on these rights, and assist you in enforcing them if necessary. We can assist you in making a claim to the Fair Work Commission or other government body, or through litigation in the courts.


Why Us?


An experienced and thoroughly professional firm, we offer trusted legal counsel, advice, assistance, and representation to business clients of all sizes and industries. With many years of rigorous experience relating to contract law, employment law, intellectual property, and dispute resolution, we have developed the ability to create efficient and individually tailored legal solutions for clients experiencing any sort of commercially related legal difficulty.


We understand that the law can be confusing, even intimidating to the outsider. For this reason, all our documents, correspondence, and interactions are delivered in clear and efficient language that is free of legal jargon where it is not necessary. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the clear understanding of the legal process they are engaged in, and the solution being moulded to their circumstances. Some cases require more than robotic, adequate competency on behalf of the legal team, some cases require a deeper understanding that comes with a combination of life experience and professional practice. That is what we offer.


Our firm has successfully assisted companies listed on the ASX, including the successful settlement of several multi-million dollar cases in the High Court and Supreme Court of Australia. We are also responsible for successful taxation action against the ATO at a federal level. In relation to employment law, our firm has achieved many successful results in a variety of legal settings, including significant settlements made in the Supreme Court.

With extensive experience in the most troublesome and expensive areas of commercial law, and the achievement of many successful results in prior cases, obtaining legal advice from our firm could be the move which puts any legal stresses behind you. Allow yourself to focus on what really matters, choose us should you need help with any legal dispute or claim affecting your business.

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