Competition and Consumer Law

Australian businesses are required to comply with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (formerly Trade Practices Act) and other consumer protection laws. Failing to comply may cause your business unnecessary embarrassment, loosing your clients or customers and may also result in substantial penalties. To ensure that your business complies with its requirements under the Act, LGM Advisors Competition and Consumer Lawyers in Melbourne can help you to develop and adopt protective measures including ways to educate your employees and ensure compliance thereby minimizing your exposer and prevent potential contraventions of the Act.

LGM Advisors can assist you with:
• Ensuring compliance with requirements under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010
• Advice on unfair practices, marketing and distribution, product labeling, country and region of origin and other consumer protection issues under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010
• Advice on warranties under the Australian Consumer Law (which is a schedule to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010)
• Advice on Misleading and deceptive conduct
• Anti competitive conduct and agreements
• ACCC investigations and enforcement as well as prosecutions and immunity arrangements
• Implied terms and conditions of contracts
• Unfair contracts
• Unconscionable conduct

Our Melbourne lawyers can also assist you with disputes arising out of restrictive trade practices and misleading and deceptive conduct in the Australian courts. We will provide you with strategic and practical guidance helping you achieve the best possible outcome in a way that minimizes costs and impact on your business.

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