Planning and Development Lawyer – Melbourne

Planning and Development Lawyer – Melbourne

Planning and Development Lawyer – Melbourne

Laws affecting town planning, the environment, and local government regulations can affect any planned developments. LGM advisors can assist you in these areas by advising you of your obligations, and assisting you in applying for permission to develop an area.

We offer strategic and practical advice relating to regulatory, planning, and environmental issues to investors, owners, developers, construction companies, consultants, and local councils regarding development.

Our key services in these areas include:

• Advising on planning controls or other regulatory requirements
• Preparing applications and any environmental assessments or other supporting documentation
• Advising on heritage laws, emissions reporting and trading, energy efficiency and renewable energy, and legislation that protects native vegetation or threatened species
• Handling prosecutions or disputes relating to development
• Drafting documents involved in the development process

If you require advice on your legal position in relation to Planning and Development Lawyer – Melbourne, don’t hesitate to contact us on +61 3 9832 0608 or email.

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