Employment Law and Unfair Dismissal Lawyer – Melbourne

Employment Law and Unfair Dismissal Lawyer – Melbourne

Employment Law and Unfair Dismissal Lawyer – Melbourne

As experts in employment law, LGM Advisors Melbourne is able to assist both individuals and corporate clients with any employment related matters or disputes, including discrimination, unfair dismissal, and the rights and obligations of both employees and employers.

Our comprehensive range of employment law services includes:

• Providing legal advice on Equal Employment Opportunity matters and discrimination issues, including leave entitlements and returning to work
• Advising on what may constitute deceptive or misleading conduct
• Advising on and assisting parties to unfair dismissal disputes
• Providing specific legal advice regarding performance reviews and disciplinary proceedings
• Advising on the formulation of exit strategies from current employers
• Drafting and reviewing employment agreements, and assisting in negotiations between employees and employers
• Performing employment contract litigation and assisting in disputes relating to employment issues such as termination, confidentiality, restraint of trade, intellectual property, and retention of share options.

Our expert employment solicitors work with clients to provide responsive and practical advice with a focus on resolving employment related disputes without unnecessary litigation. Should litigation be unavoidable however, we have the right experience and expertise to settle your dispute. It is this client-focused attitude that gives us a reputation for being a firm you can turn to in a time of crisis.

We handle employment disputes in all relevant legal jurisdictions, including:

• Fair Work Commission
• Magistrates’ Court of Victoria
• County Court of Victoria and County Court of Appeal
• Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
• Supreme Court of Victoria and Supreme Court of Appeal
• Administrative Appeals Tribunal
• Federal Circuit Court
• Federal Court of Australia
• High Court of Australia

Contact us today on +61 3 9832 0608 or email to speak to one of our expert employment law and unfair dismissal lawyer – Melbourne.

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