Alternative Dispute Resolution and Arbitration – Melbourne

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Arbitration – Melbourne

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Arbitration – Melbourne

The process of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) involves the settling of a dispute by means other than a judicial determination. During this process impartial third-parties may assist the disputing parties in working towards a mutually satisfactory outcome.

Elements of the alternative dispute resolution process may include the following, among others:

• Negotiation
• Conferences
• Mediation, or
• Arbitration

Conferencing, negotiation, and mediation are all based on the concept that the parties themselves should determine an outcome for themselves, with assistance from qualified and impartial third parties.

However, arbitration involves the parties submitting their dispute to a third party (the arbitrator) who then hands down a binding resolution which the parties are to accept as final. Parties may attempt ADR out of agreement, or they may be required to do so as part of judicial proceedings.
Courts in Victoria regularly refer cases to pre-hearing conferences, mediation, conciliation, and arbitration. The County Court, Magistrates’ Court, Federal Court and Circuit Court, and the Supreme Court all have the power to order proceedings (or any part of a proceeding) to mediation without the consent of the parties.

The primary function of ADR is to resolve legal disputes in a manner which minimises costs and is more expedient and less adversarial than court proceedings.

Settlements obtained through the ADR process could potentially save you time, money, and stress which often goes hand-in-hand with court proceedings.

Here at LGM Advisors, our Melbourne lawyers are ready to work with you in order to obtain an optimal outcome for any dispute you may be involved in. We work tirelessly with our clients, and aim to provide them with satisfying and empowering resolutions as efficiently as possible.

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