Employment disputes, bungled contracts, trademark violations, and other complex disputes are just some of the reasons that having access to good legal advice is so important. Businesses and individuals alike can run into serious trouble with the law through simply not being aware of the laws that affect their business or employment.

Speaking to a lawyer can transport you from a world of worry and doubt to one of certainty and resolution. Don’t let your business or employment prospects shrink behind a legal challenge or dispute, with proper legal advice there are few issues that cannot be resolved satisfactorily. As experts in dispute resolution, our firm understands that there aren’t many issues that can’t be solved outside of court. As mediators, as advisors, as your representation, we will work with you to deliver success and end your legal worrying.

We have experience working with small and medium business clients, as well as multi-national companies and companies listed on the ASX. We have also settled cases worth millions of dollars in the Supreme and High Court of Australia. We are experienced in all the major areas of legal concern for businesses and employers. Fair Work legislation can appear daunting, but we are experts at navigating its many instruments and protections.

Tell us your story today so we can work together to find a legal solution in accordance with your circumstances. The fact is that the law need not be as daunting as you might believe. However, it is important to access legal advice as soon as possible should a dispute or issue arise. Therefore, try not to hesitate before giving us a call, as time makes all the difference in building a case. One of our experienced staff will always be on hand to listen to your situation and guide you on the first tentative steps towards a successful resolution.

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