Contract law, employment law, and intellectual property law are all things that businesses commonly run into trouble with. Should a problem occur relating to these areas, legal advice will mean the difference between an expensive, drawn out dispute and a solution that suits your interests and is tailored to your circumstances.  It is important to discuss your options with a lawyer as soon as any issue or dispute occurs, as time is of the essence in building or defending any legal case.

When it comes to obtaining legal representation or advice, you want to hire a firm with a wealth of experience in the most common causes of legal dispute for businesses. We offer tailored legal solutions to suit your circumstances and your business. Whether you are a small or medium sized company, or a multi-national corporation, we have experience settling cases on behalf of clients from both ends of the business spectrum.

Our firm has assisted companies listed on the ASX. We have successfully brought federal taxation litigation against the Australian Tax Office. Our firm has been responsible for settling complex employment disputes, and have obtained significant settlements in the Supreme Court from such disputes. Perhaps you are having a difficult time drafting the terms of a major contract? We are able to draft a document that reflects your legal and commercial interests.

We understand that businesses in Melbourne are subject to a diverse range of legal issues, including some of the world’s most complex employment laws. We understand these issues and deal with them on a daily basis with efficient and thorough legal practice. So talk to us today to arrange a consultation, as we undoubtedly have experience in your area of concern or dispute. We offer client-based solutions, so discussing your circumstances with us is the first step towards legal success for you and your business.

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