Debt Recovery Lawyer – Melbourne

Debt Recovery Lawyer – Melbourne

Debt Recovery Lawyer – Melbourne

Revenue management is a vital component of running any business. If debtor accounts remain outstanding, your cash flow is likely to suffer. The longer these debts are allowed to remain unpaid beyond your business’s trading terms, the more likely it is that they will never be repaid at all.

Debt recovery is a key area of expertise and experience for us here at LGM Advisors Melbourne, and we are proud to offer cost-effective and timely debt recovery services, including:

• Preparing a statement of claim to demand payment from a debtor.

• Commencing judgement against a debtor should no action be taken within 28 days of the statement of claim being issued.

• Obtaining garnishee orders, which involves a court ordering a third party (such as an employer) to pay a creditor instead of a debtor.

• Participating in examination summons, which require a debtor to appear in court to answer questions regarding their financial situation, including assets, debts, and expenses.

Contact us on +61 3 9832 0608 or email to speak to one of our debt recovery experts and commence the debt recovery process today.

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